Globally, employers are reporting the highest talent shortage since 2007 (ManPowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey 2016/2017). Companies are competing for the same pool of Talent, and are struggling to attract the right people. People who fit in with the team and culture. People who deliver high performance. People committed to driving forward your business by being fully engaged and committed to success. Just as customer referrals will drive your sales, so too will employee referrals drive your recruitment. You need to know you can attract the best, keep the best and get the best from them.

Our Approach

Our approach to helping you evaluate the internal climate of your organisation is based on four measurement tools, each of which has a specific role to play. Each tool is designed to measure a particular aspect of the employment environment and give you the insight to create change and improvement. Our research helps you to look deep into the heart of your organisation, to understand the environment as your employees view it, and determine if you are truly creating a positive work environment that delivers on the development and progression they are looking for.

Employer branding

An employer brand is to a potential employee what a consumer brand is to a customer – it’s your reputation as an employer. In the ‘Google Age’, 75% of job seekers check out an employer’s ‘brand’ on social media (and other channels) prior to deciding to apply for a job. We will help you measure what that brand is.

Engagement surveys

Work with us to measure your employees' satisfaction, attitudes and perceptions of your organization to help you to reduce turnover rates and avoid costly training of new employees. Annual engagement surveys are in-depth and allow a reflective view by your employees about the overall culture and its impact on their wellbeing and happiness. Engaged employees contribute to sales and service performance. Disengaged employees make the rest of the team carry the load.

Pulse / Temperature survey

Conduct short, frequent temperature checks to review the impact of programmes to fix problem areas. Similar to a polling tool, pulse surveys facilitate employee input into issues that arise throughout the year. This feedback can help achieve and communicate 'quick wins'.

Exis: Employee exit intelligence

Employee turnover is part of running a business, but not all departures are welcome. Failure to retain your top talent can impact significantly on your ability to drive your business forward. Identify the reasons people leave, build competitor knowledge and link it back to your engagement study.

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