This is the era of the ‘empowered customer’. Satisfied or not, the scale of information sharing online means reviews can be read by thousands if not millions of people. Customers are more empowered to make informed choices, and to impact on an organisation’s reputation. The media too is far more ready to devote substantial coverage to instances of customer satisfaction.

The first line of defence is to make sure your product/service is meeting the legitimate needs and expectations of your customers. Customer experience feedback tells you if it is or not. You need to know what your customers are thinking, how they perceive the experience and what can be done to improve upon it. Because this is what they’re sharing with their peers.

Online survey measurement

Customer opinions can be captured on site using their own or client-supplied devices, or post event using a range of devices such as mobile, tablet or desktop PCs. We work with our clients each step of the way, designing surveys that ask the right questions, look amazing and get you the information you need quickly and securely. Our partnerships with TripAdvisor and Google allow us to integrate customer reviews with our surveys, increasing the number of reviews on social media channels.


Our reporting platform allows users to access reports from any device 24/7. There are no limits to the number of colleagues that can access reports. We know your time is limited so we help you focus on the scores that matter, and how to improve problem areas. We focus on key metrics and discuss why and how we want to see that metric increase.


Data integrity

Here comes the science bit. We run numerous validation checks over each survey response to ensure that you can trust these results.

Sentiment & text analytics

The volume of free form text can make it hard to elicit meaning from customer comments. We review and analyse sets of comments, uncovering sentiment and aligning certain topics with positive and negative trending scores.

Email alerts

Customer problem? Want to thank a repeat customer? Get a notification delivered instantly that gives you the details you want to know, when you want to know them.

Priority Reporting

"What now?" Our priority action grids can help you develop 'next step' action planning, to ensure steps are taken to monitor and improve service delivery. We use driver analysis to identify areas that require urgent attention where action taken by you will have the biggest impact and positive effect on your customers’ experience.

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