First, we listen. What problem are you facing? Are you developing a new product? Or want to review the success of one? Experiencing a drop in sales? How are consumer needs and desires changing?

We work with you to understand the customer you are trying to reach and the problem you are trying to resolve. Then we use our expertise to design and structure the right approach to go out to your customer and ask the appropriate questions. We know that what customers say and what they actually do don’t always line up. Our insight helps you identify these potential misleading errors.

Panel surveys

Combine brand research with your customer experience measurement to understand what really drives the behaviour of your customers. Panel surveys are an ingenious way to tap into groups of relevant, willing and knowledgeable participants who can participate in surveys as needed. Response rates are high, response time is rapid and costs for internal panels can be substantially less than purchasing externally sourced ones. We will work with you to build an internal panel, built with rich, deep profiles about panel members.

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