CST have worked for a broad range of consumer organisations focused specifically on monitoring satisfaction with services. This has ranged from hotels, airlines, restaurants, healthcare and financial services.



Any time spent in hospital is going to have significant meaning and emotional impact on a person. Providing the highest levels of comfort, patient safety, understanding and care are elements the patient will expect, and any downfall will not be tolerated. Our surveys are designed to cover all key aspects of the patient experience, with the utmost respect being shown for their privacy and confidentiality.



The advent of social media has meant that companies engaged in the hospitality industry are in the front line when it comes to having their services rated. Hotels in particular are among the most exposed to this trend. The best, in fact, the only way to ensure that the social media ratings will remain positive is to ensure that the service and product delivery in the first place are in line with the customers’ expectations.
CST is a Trusted Partner of the world’s leading social media organisation TripAdvisor so permitting guests who have completed the CST survey to leave a review on TripAdvisor in a seamless integrated exercise.



Get instant and reliable feedback from your restaurant customers about their experience.



What is known as MICE business (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) represents a significant source of business for many hotels, particularly those located in popular meeting destinations. CST's Meeting Planner feedback survey is aimed at capturing meeting booker feedback so that participating hotels can understand what it is they are doing well and need to continue to do and what aspects might require improvement if the business is to grow and prosper into the future.


WholeSaler Distribution

Wholesale distribution is a competitive business, realistically there is only so much room in the available market for each competitor. Our research approach can uncover your customers’ priorities when it comes to purchasing and expectations of service delivery. The bottom line – why they would buy from you over your competitor.


FMCG & Retail

Employers are every bit as able to harness high performance from warehouse operatives and shop floor assistants as high-flying tech companies such as Google or Facebook. Issues relating to healthy and safe work environments, providing ethical work hours and rotas & schedules can feed into the sense of caring and concern for well-being that an organisation has for their employees in this field. A positive culture matters in every work environment.

Our researchers get under the skin of your employees to help you understand what matters to them, and how you can encourage productivity by creating better engagement.