About us

We have a great network of market researchers and bright & sparky technologists committed to making sure our own customers’ experience is spot on.

The Why

At We Research, we focus on understanding what makes your customers happy; what makes your employees engaged. We measure the impact of a negative (or positive) experience on your customer. What matters to your employees – what will make them stay and give you 100% effort each day?

Information is at the heart of what we do, and the information we provide will drive the success of your organisation. We give you an information advantage over your competitors so you can create loyal, satisfied customers and turn your employees into ambassadors of your brand.

Our customer experience measurement tool is one of the most accurate, sensitive instruments yet developed for measuring the impact of an organisation’s services on its customers. Our approach to employee engagement measurement takes a holistic, 360 degree approach to understanding of the true climate of your organisation.

We Research Information Advantage


Our network of life-long market researchers are bursting with energy and committed to making sure our own customers’ experience is spot on.



We use state of the art tools so we keep ahead of the game when it comes to keeping up with innovation, industry trends and exciting new technologies. Our surveys are polished. Our reporting is easy to understand. We keep it simple.


“What does it all mean?” “How can we improve?” It’s our job to turn numbers on a page into meaning and data driven decision making.


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Paddy Hayes


Áine Maguire BA, MSC


Michael Dowd, BA